About Us

metalwork company Terni
LA.FER. is a private company owned by Giorgio Francescangeli, situated in Narni in the province of Terni, and operating in the metalwork sector. The company has been registered with the Terni Chamber of Commerce since 30/03/2004 (REA no. 86672).

In the early years, the company reinvested most of its profits into the purchase of machines and equipment to facilitate operations and to reduce the time required to complete the various phases of production, in other words to provide more efficient and professional services.

Over time the company grew, and in 2010 purchased an industrial plant with a production area of approximately 1160m2 plus an external annex of approximately 700m2.

LA.FER.’s strength lies in the synergy between various elements: experience, precision, service reliability, skill, and, last but not least, the commitment of the owner who personally coordinates the activities in order to obtain the best results.

The aims of the company are:

  • To improve technical support offered to the client
  • To optimise the various production processes
  • To increase staff awareness, encouraging the identification of possible areas for improvement
  • To maintain the quality level of human resources.